Higher choreography

Having had higher dance on our curriculum for two years now we have done a thorough self-evaluation of what has gone well and what needs improved.

Results are excellent but it comes at a stressful price as we struggle to get through to the pupils how important it is to start creating choreographies early in the session. Although in theory the process shouldn’t take a full school year we have decided to dedicate a period a week to only choreography and I will be taking this part of the course on.

We started today with the intention to ‘generate ideas’. I highlighted three key areas choreography can be based on: a story, a theme, an event, and as a class we then brainstormed topics to go under each heading. This gave everyone some working examples and their homework task is now to make a table of their own to narrow down their ideas.

Next we generated ideas for movement. I taught a short phrase which we went over until the pupils were comfortable with it individually and next week we will play around with the phrase to make it unique – an important component in their choreography work…



First day back…

Todaya was my first day teaching dance in school again since the holidays. We started with S3 dance who are completing a contemporary unit as part of their NPA level 4 qualification. We are team teaching contemporary as it is not my area of expertise but I am keen to step outside my comfort zone and put into practice some of what I have learnt in our practical dance sessions at the RCS.

After a cardio workout we focussed on two centre exercises looking at posture and then twists and swings. Below is a snippet of what we did:


After this we taught the dancers a more complex corner sequence. This corner sequence is one initially used for National 5 but when going over our courses for this year we felt that it would be better placed within National 4 as part of our pace and challenge agenda at school.

I really enjoyed doing something new and the pupils were focussed, attentive and eager to learn all morning. Long may it continue!

The Tap Pack

When I’m not dancing or teaching dancing I watch dancing….. Here’s my review of The Tap Pack:

The Tap Pack