We celebrated #WorldBalletDay in school today by focussing on tendus and plies.

I shared some of these thoughts with my class: https://brilliantdance.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/why-the-demi-plie-is-the-most-important-movement-in-ballet/ and then we focussed on turnout, making sure knees are over toes and building strength in the legs and core to sustain full plies. This lead us to some focus on balance!

Tendus too provide a foundation for all dance and we spent time working on fully stretching our feet. As dancers and dance teachers it is easy to assume that all children know how to pointe their feet but I have found over the years that this is not the case. Just as you would teach spelling in English, or times tables in maths we must teach children how to fully stretch their feet.



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