Saturday 12th November

Really productive day at the RCS going through literature review writing including how to write academically  and exploring questioning and observation skills for use on the PG Cert module.

The day also gave me an opportunity to clarify the difference between practice based and practice led research and to discuss how to alter my current project proposal to fit the remit.

After jotting down a range of ideas I now have a much better idea of where I am going with the proposal and will work on it over the coming days.


The last part of the day involved Jamie, Yvonne, Claire and I sitting down to discuss the way forward for the Context and Culture (Dance) module and I am really pleased with how it went. We had given our feedback of the module so far and this had sympathetically been taken account of to provide us with a rewarding experience without losing the intentions of the course.

Instead of completing more practical sessions just the three of us we have been given the opportunity to invite YDance into our schools to support our teaching and offer sessions or projects etc. Yvonne has also provided us with a list of potential workshop opportunities and CLPL sessions we can access with various dance groups in the coming year and a list of performances we might wish to go and see. All of this will be valuable in informing and enhancing our practice.

We can also comment on dance shows or workshops we attend ourselves.

Finally, we have confirmed that we will each have 3 observations with both a peer and a dance teaching specialist (Laura McAdam from Broughton High School) and my concerns about getting these slotted in before my surgery have been alleviated by the news that as long as we show a range of ages and dance styles they can all be completed in one day.

Feedback templates will be provided by the RCS in due course and I will email potential dates…


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