Ethics Approval Granted

Good email to start the holidays as I hope to do some work on my project this week:

“Dear Aisling,

Thank you for submitting these documents. Professor Broad is happy to confirm that they meet the conditions imposed, and approval for your application is therefore granted.”



Ethics continued…

Last week the ethics committee asked me to provide the following ao that they could grant approval:

The Committee is content to grant approval, subject to the following conditions:
1              Provision of a letter of support from the school;
2              A line should be added to the information sheet, noting that participation (or non-participation) will have no impact on progress, marks and assessments within school;
3              The consent form and information sheet should also include a phone number/email address.
I have just sent of the letter and additions so fingers crossed I can get going with the project now…


One of my favourite things about being a theatre reviewer is getting to see productions you may never otherwise choose to go and see. This was the case on Friday night and, although overall I only gave it 3 stars, some of it was excellent. This MEd course and in particular the context and culture in dance module are giving me a greater appreciation for contemporary dance. Review here:


Own Physio sessions

I have been seeing a physiotherapist every week for the last 6 to help my own injury. The last time I saw the consultant he diagnosed a tight gastrocnemius muscle and left ankle equinus causing forefoot overload pain  i.e. Morton’s Neuroma. He referred me for physiotherapy to mobilise ankles and for gastroc stretching.

I have since been seeing a private physiotherapist who has been mobilising my ankle during sessions and giving me different exercises to take away:

I almost always feel better when I leave the Physio (both physically and mentally). My ankle feels loser and I feel more hopeful about the way forward for my injury.

Dance Show week

I’ve spent the afternoon doing dance show preparation for the coming week and it has me thinking about all the extra things dance teachers do outside the studio. This afternoon alone I have written a running order, a script, choreographed a spoof dance for our compères and downloaded, cut and mixed music.

Last week we did posters, tickets, booked halls, compiled lists of pupils, put together letters and ordered costumes.

I love the dance show so am happy to do all these things but often it feels like dance is seen as a peripheral subject and yet we do as much (if not more in terms of the extra-curricular elements) than many other more traditional subject teachers…