Surgery Recovery Progress

I am keeping a daily log of my progress post-surgery so that I can visibly see where I am going. All through physio and waiting for the surgery date I felt quite negatively towards my injury and struggled to see how things would get better but now (even though I can’t move!) I feel more positive than ever about where I’m headed.

I am bored and sore at times but I can see how I have progressed even in this short time.

Day 1 Post-surgery – Released from hospital….stage 1.

Day 2 – Unable to weight bear and still  in a great deal of pain so sat out in garden soaking up the vitamin d.

Day 3 – Still just sleeping a lot but managed to get dressed and put some make-up on to make me feel more human.

Day 4 – Finally able to put a little weight on foot in the supportive shoe and cutting back on painkillers. Progress!

Day 5 – Even more progress – able to shuffle up and down stairs.

I thought I would feel really negatively and so surprised at how positive you feel seeing small steps of improvement. My assumptions from my project are starting to be turned upside down.



The Red Shoes

Matthew Bourne brought his latest masterpiece to Edinburgh last week and my favourite choreographer didn’t fail to disappoint. The ballet is based on the film of the same name which follows the trials and tribulations of ballerina Victoria Page as she faces a battle between her love for dance and the love for her husband. Dance wins but the story ends in tragedy.

The Red Shoes is a ballet within a ballet which is a very clever thing indeed and there are moments of sheer choreographic genius which I only hope some of my students may have seen and been inspired by. Moments such as a dark scene in a graveyard where one character is a ghost and so dances with an around the other dancers but never touching.

For anyone who appreciates choreography The Red Shoes (and in fact anything by Matthew Bourne) is a must-see.