Transcribed my recorded interviews tonight. Next job is to do a thematic analysis of the answers…


Qu. 1

AW – I had an ankle injury and I done that due to dance and it made me feel quite upset because it was before my exam and I felt a bit stressed out because I couldn’t do everything I needed to.

B – Torn ligaments on my ankle. Just made me feel upset because I couldn’t dance.

E – At the time of the injury it was quite annoying because I wasn’t allowed to do any sports. I couldn’t really do a lot on my feet because if I did it was just get worse so I just had to rest it. I had torn ligaments in my ankle.

AM – I had badly sprained my ankle and was having mobility issues which was really difficult because I am a highland dancer and it meant performing certain steps was really painful and I couldn’t perform to the best of my ability.

G – I had a sore knee that hurt when I danced or ran. It made me a bit frustrated because it stopped me from doing things.

R – So it was at dancing I pulled my hamstring away from the bone. At first I didn’t know if I should do anything about it so I was just like, obviously it was sore but I was just like going to dancing and being like…it obviously annoyed me but I just thought that it was just a small injury like it happens to most people that play sports and stuff but like so you just get on with it and it gets better.


Qu. 2

AW – Because I can’t like do everything to the best of my ability because my injuries like making things a lot harder because I’m in a lot of pain.

B – The fact that I can’t dance because I was out for weeks.

E – It had quite a negative effect because I wasn’t allowed to do anything so I was just sitting about and just waiting for it to get better for about 6-8 weeks so it obviously led to me being bored and just feeling like there was nothing I could really do to help it

AM – Not being able to dance to the best of my ability makes me feel bad and I guess frustrated because I know I am better than my performances with the injury were showing. Does that make sense?

G – I felt negatively because I couldn’t do things. I had to stop doing a lot. It was frustrating I guess.

R – Because it stopped you from doing certain stuff because it was like too sore to do or like it would maybe make it worse.


Qu. 3

AW – Yeah because after I got the physio it made me feel a lot more confident because I knew that it helped me so I was a lot more confident with my dancing.

B – Yes, because it made me more motivated to get back up and dance.

E – I feel that physio definitely did help in a sense because if I didn’t have it it would probably have taken a bit longer for my ankle to get better but then again there was nothing really that I could do much about, even with physio I just had to wait for it to get better.

AM – Yes because I could see and feel that I was making good progress and so I felt like I was on the right track and would eventually get better.

G – Yeah, a bit. It just did, I don’t really know how.

R – Yeah because you had someone there to help you and show you like she obviously gave you things that would help and told you like if you do this this might make you feel better. I suppose it did a wee bit.





Self-Assessment Draft 1

Clarified which proforma I should use, caught up on the videos and PowerPoint from moodle and have emailed this to my tutor for checking this afternoon. Recognised gaps are learner feedback of teaching, a bibliography and a PDP.


Seeking clarification…

Started to look at self-assessment proforma tonight and realised that the Context and Culture one we have been asked to fill in looks different from the Context and Culture Dance one we filled in previously.

It doesn’t align particularly well as we did not do a research proposal but instead completed three lesson observations which we have already completed and submitted.

Sent a quick email to Jamie and Jill for clarification.

Thematic Analysis Sample

Following discussion with Jill about my PG Cert project she advised me that because of the nature of my project a thematic analysis will be the best option for my data analysis. As I prepare to start to examine my data I have been reading up on thematic analysis and found this good example:

It is obviously far more detailed than is necessary for my project but it is useful in showing the thematic approach. I also like the sub-heading approach to this so will format my work similarly.

Four weeks post-surgery